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January 14, 2011

Countdown to Apple's Ten Billionth App Download

Apple just set up an awesome, real-time countdown to their ten billionth app download. It's not only fun to watch, but potentially lucrative: if you're the person to download the ten billionth app, you'll win a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

The Weird Collaborations of Rivers Cuomo

Miranda Cosgrove, star of iCarly, recently tweeted about her new song collaboration with Rivers Cuomo. Who hasn't the Weezer frontman worked with? Rap artist, pop artist, or rock, Rivers will work with you!

The First Episode of 'Portlandia'

It doesn't even premiere until January 21st, but here's the first full episode of Portlandia. The internet is bountiful and generous today.

When You're Bad, Santa Puts A Big Rock Under Your House

A 911 call in which a 4-year-old Florida boy wants Santa to punish his father with basement boulders. The police did a follow up and there was nothing amiss at the boy's home, aside from the really weird stories his parents were telling him about Santa's geology-based superpowers.

Fade (Game Battle)

For the purposes of this game, llamas only see color when they are traveling quickly. You may need to suspend your disbelief a little here.

Howard Stern vs. Sarah Palin (NSFW)

Howard Stern had some choice words for Sarah Palin regarding her handling of the shooting in Tucson. The kindest thing he could find to say about her was that she was a "fucking crybaby." It goes downhill from there. Because Howard Stern's the political commentator America deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Martha Stewart Surgery Photos

A bulldog split open Martha Stewart's lip, a story which we'll let you absorb for a second, and Martha decided it was a great idea to meticulously document the process of sewing up the seeping gash in her face. Martha being Martha, even though she's undergoing a medical procedure, provides condescending commentary on the emergency room's wallpaper.

Hot Chicks In Spider-Man Costumes

Andrew Garfield isn't the only one who looks good in spider hosiery. My spandex sense is tingling! And yes, before you break out the purity truncheons, most of these are actually Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman costumes.

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