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January 12, 2011

Couldn't Get Any Worse: Website Names

I mean, seriously, what were they thinking? Who cares what your business is called, I want to meet the person who thought was a grade A domain name.

Lord of the Rings Cuisine

The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin recently crafted an elaborate eight course menu inspired by the Lord of the Rings films, going so far as to recreate Middle Earth dishes such as lembas bread and coney stew. Sitting around for twelve hours while you watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy and eat eight courses is bound to increase your Middle Girth. Terrible. Sorry.

Electronic Music Flowchart

And to think that some people say all electronic music sounds the same. You may want to rethink this; I'm counting at least 11 different sounds.

Sit on Stephen Colbert's Face

For sale on Etsy, a Stephen Colbert couch on which to plant your patriotic posterior. Enjoy the rich, Corinthian truthiness of Stephen's face as it feels the comfort at you.

Blood Libel

"Blood Libel" refers to the idea that a person or group of persons have been falsely accused of being involved in human sacrifice, ritual murder, and/or cannibalism. It is traditionally an anti-Semitic slur related to the myth that Jews used Christian children's blood in rituals. Oh, and Sarah Palin is pretty certain that everyone has been Blood Libeling her lately. Sorry 'bout the blood libel, SP! We'll all refudiate it as soon as we can figure out WTF you are talking about.

Video of Selena Gomez's Facebook Getting Hacked

The Facebook and Twitter accounts of Selena Gomez were hacked earlier today. The Facebook hacker conveniently provided video of the process. The hacker insists this is only for educational purposes to point out how easy it is breach Facebook's firewall. They didn't actually post anything on Gomez's wall because, in their words, "I'm not that much of a twat."

Unique Scarves That Will Keep You Cozy

Brrr! This winter, cover that naked neck of yours with an interesting scarf. From Long Cat to buttered bread, there's a large variety of unique scarves to keep you nice and toasty! [Ed note: Gavon and I sit next to each other in the office, and I had no idea he was making a scarf post too. GREAT MINDS!]

Stanley Kubrick's "Iron Man"

Comic Book author Warren Ellis gave artists the challenge of creating a poster for an Iron Man movie, if the one and only Stanley Kubrick had directed it. All the designs are awesome, and there's no doubt Kubrick fans are now salivating at this very idea. Check out some of the best submissions! You can find the rest over here!

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