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January 26, 2011

Depressed Spaghetti Monster

Great noodle monster installation by Parisian artist Theo Mercier, “Le Solitaire.” This describes exactly how I feel after indulging in the never-ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden.

Yummy Pizza Art

These pizzas look almost too pretty to eat... Almost. You can have your pizza art, and eat it too!

100 Photos Of Baby Tossing

Photos of children in mid-flight after being tossed like so much pizza dough. Or, a more fun way to look at, ninja babies raining down from the sky and brutally savaging the faces of their adult oppressors. Either way, cute.

Special Advice

The soundest and most irrefutable medical advice of all time. In a follow up appointment, the patient was advised to quit being stupid.

Basketball Player Gets A Towel to the Nuts

University of Florida basketball player Chandler Parsons, after making a three pointer in the Gators' game against Georgia, was accidentally whipped in the groin by a teammate's towel. Apparently the towel was made of chainmail, because Parsons nearly collapsed on the floor from excruciating pain.

Goldfish Helmet

A man with a helmet containing live goldfish showed up at the 2011 Edwardian Ball, a steampunk goth costume event.

R2D2 Wood-Burning Stove

An R2D2 wood burner made from a recycled gas bottle. Good for heating your swamp hut in Degobah or roasting womp rats. Still available on eBay!

Iron Man Pizza

Pepperoni armor and an onion power core make this pizza invincible (and high in hiss). This is much better than a regular Tony's Pizza. And for dessert? Iron Man Cake.

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