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January 10, 2011

Car Bursts Into Flames On Live Television

A car spun out and burst into flames behind a reporter in Marietta, GA during this morning's snow storm. There's no audio to the video, so a festive soundtrack was added. This is how unprepared the South is for a winter storm. Their vehicles explode upon contact with snow.

Sperm Wars

This is how you explain procreation to nerds. Condom? It's a trap!

11 "Special Instructions" For Pizza Delivery Places

Many pizza delivery chains now let you include "special instructions" when you place an order online and apparently they'll adhere to the instructions no matter how inane they seem. I admire their commitment, but I'm really curious how far the envelope can be pushed before they'll stop complying.

Guitar Hero Hooked Up to Burning Propane Tank

Some genius pyromaniac modded his Guitar Hero so that it controls the valves to a burning propane tank, creating a sort of musical fire fountain set to AC/DC. If menorahs could do this, Hanukkah would be much more popular.

Kids React to Viral Videos #4

This installment is worth it for the kids' precocious reactions to Justin Bieber alone ("I'd slap him in the face," "He's retarded," etc.). Also, "The goat was owning him with spit."

Chastity Belts For Men

Spotted at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, penis prisons to keep your man chaste. Also comes in camouflage to literally hide your shame.

2010’s Top Movies Posters Reimagined

Designer and movie buff, Sam Smith, celebrates his favorite 2010 films by designing unique posters for each one. Perhaps it’s time for Sam to quit his day job, the big leagues are calling. You can see the rest of his amazing designs right here!

The 2011 No Pants Subway Ride

Improv Everywhere staged their annual No Pants Subway Ride over the weekend. Here are photos from the New York leg (har) of this global flash mob (har). There but (har?) for the grace of God go I. Considering it was below freezing, area hospitals were probably flooded with cases of non-sexy exposure. Now with video!

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