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January 24, 2011

Tanner Gets A Pug Roll For His Birthday

Today is the birthday of our esteemed editor, Tanner Ringerud. While Tanner was minding his own business at BuzzFeed HQ, a man in a trench coat delivered unto him a strange package. Happy birthday, Tanner!

Video of the Terrorist Bombing in Moscow

An explosion ripped through Moscow's busiest airport this morning, killing at least 35 and injuring more than a hundred. This is amateur video of the moments immediately following the blast. There's been no immediate claim of responsibility, but a suicide bomber is suspected. WARNING: The footage is disturbing, dead bodies are visible.

Solar-Powered Vibrator

The Solar Bullet, an eco-friendly marital aid to help you "get off (literally) on saving the planet." The windmill-powered vibrator was deemed too conspicuous and the nuclear-powered vibrator was labeled by the Pentagon to be a threat to national security.

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