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June 8, 2011

Huma Abedin, The Primary Reason Anthony Weiner Is An Idiot (Pictures)

Huma Abedin is an intelligent, successful and beautiful woman. As these photos illustrate, any man who would take her for granted is a fool. That any man is Anthony Weiner. Abedin, a powerful aide to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, married Weiner last year. To further compound Weiner's idiocy, Abedin is now pregnant with his child.

Hayao Miyazaki's Films As LEGOs

For BrickCon 2010, Iain Heath constructed many of Hayao Miyazaki's famous characters from his films entirely out of Lego. He even built a Japanese garden around them using real flora and fauna, and ultimately "Miyazakitopia" won in the "Big in Japan" category.

Anthony's Wiener Invades The Internet (NSFW)

Andrew Breitbart, despite his gentlemanly assurances, released the x-rated photo of Anthony Weiner's wiener. Now that the congressman's penis has leaked (ew), it's slowly taking over the internet. Cry havoc, and let slip the dongs of Photoshop! Add your own Weinerizations to the comments below. For those who aren't Shop Jockeys, you can still have inappropriate fun with our image editor at the bottom of the page. Penetrate any photo with the TwitDickPic heard round the world!

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