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June 27, 2011

Top 10 Clueless Tweets By Cher On Technology

Do yourself and favor and follow Cher on Twitter. Easily one of the best celebrities on there. She's adorable.

Karen Gillan Was Naked And Wandering The Halls Of Her Hotel

First gay marriage, then the most beautiful woman of all time is found stumbling naked through the corridors of her New York hotel. It was a big weekend for the Empire State. Ms. Gillan apparently had a bit too much fun with her cast mates from Dr. Who, lost all her clothes, and was discovered meandering through the hallways of The Ace Hotel in Manhattan. Security wrapped a sheet around her and escorted her back to her room. More details, but tragically no photos, at The Daily Mail. Here is a pictorial reminder as to why this story is so monumentally important.

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