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June 27, 2011

Paralyzed Cat Takes Swimming Lessons

Mog, the cat, has had a hard-knock life lately. His owner's house was flooded and then he got hit by a car, but now he's learning to swim in order to get his legs working again.

Driverless Cars Now Legal In Nevada

I, for one, welcome our new chauffeurs benevolent driving overlords. With the passage of this legislation, Google is one step closer to "accidentally" setting SkyNet loose among us.

20 Of The Most Beautiful French Actresses

If you aren't familiar with French female movie stars, then prepare yourself ... you will be stunned by these beauties! Although some have aged, there are still plenty of present day French actresses that will blow you away, including the exquisite and talented Roxane Mesquida and Adele Haenel.

30 Airline Meals From Around The World

It's not uncommon for airline meals to get a bad rap. However, not all of them are as unappetizing as they sound. Check out 30 airline meals that are a cut above the usual pretzels and peanuts.

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