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June 7, 2011

Excellent Advice From Dr. Seuss

Back in 1971, librarian Marguerite Hart sent letters to famous people requesting for words of wisdom to inspire the children in Troy, Michigan.

8 New Clips From 'Green Lantern'

The internet is bountiful with nerd stimulant this day. Over 8 minutes of footage from "Green Lantern" popped up online, none of it spoilery, all of it giving a decent flavor of what the film will ultimately feel like. The final clip in particular, called "Parallax," shows off Ryan Reynolds making some sweet-ass hard-light constructs with his power ring. *squee* Oh, and Blake Lively.

Nintendo Announces Successor To Wii, The Wii U

At E3 today, Nintendo unveiled its follow up to the Wii, the Wii U. On top of offering souped-up HD graphics that are expected to be on par with or surpass the Playstation 3, the new home console system offers a radical reinvention of the standard video game controller. The Wii U boasts a tablet with a 6.2 inch touch screen that can act as a second screen in addition to your television. This promo video show off the controller's many features, including video chat and web browsing. Also in the mix is a peek at the brand new, unnamed Zelda game for Wii U.

Behind The Scenes Of Classic Films

Photographer Angus Shamal has taken a number of behind the scenes photos from some of the most unmistakable films around. Here's just a sampling of the most incredible ones. For more, check out his site.

Ultimate Humiliation On Facebook

Grounding is so passé. Now when your kid screws up, you can just share something embarrassing with all of his friends on Facebook. As you might guess, the success rates should be high.

Human Centipede Sequel Banned In UK

And it's not even out yet... The plot is disturbing and concept is nightmare fuel but this seems a little nanny-state. Even to me, someone who never plans on even watching the teaser trailer I'm about to link (sources say it's silly and SFW but I've been fooled before).

Lady Judas

I don't know if I should head bang or do jazz hands.

Exploring Gulliver's Kingdom, Japan

Named after Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, this theme park 2.5 hours outside Tokyo was only open from 1997-2001, until it closed from lack of visitors. Before it was demolished in 2007, urban explorers crawled over every inch of it. Here's some of what they saw. (From Web Urbanist and Sleepy City, via.)

10 Gross Ways To Eat Insects

The thought of eating an insect may not be too appetizing, but did you know there’s a whole culinary art dedicated to it? Whether you prefer them baked, salted or served over rice, there’s more than one way to eat a bug.

El Internet

This explains everything! Maybe. Or maybe it's just some random crazy Mexican video. Regardless, I was spellbound! (Via)

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