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June 20, 2011

Anthony Weiner Resignation Letter

Now it's official. Short and sweet. And if you can somehow construe "Anthony Weiner" from the Picasso portrait that is his signature, you are either a genius or Gary Busey.

The Onion Demands A Pulitzer Prize

The Onion, tired of being treated as a second-class news source by the Pulitzer Board, has initiated a petition to be rewarded the prize this year. They're looking for 200,000,000 signatures. You can support them by checking out the "Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes" Tumblr, following @AFAJP on Twitter, signing the petition, or making a video voicing your support, as many others (like Tom Hanks and Arianna Huffington) have already done.

This Man Deserves A Biopic

"Because his exploits were so unbelievable, the Army checked elaborately to make sure they really happened." For his efforts in WWII, Forward Technical Sergeant Llewellyn M. Chilson received seven medals at the same time, a feat never-before accomplished by a single man. Here's his story.

One-Year-Old Learns Harry Potter Names

Young Ben Yoho, soon to celebrate his second year on this planet, begins his nerd training by learning to say character names from the Harry Potter universe. Dork indoctrination, or "indorktrination."

10 Cats In Strange Places

We all know cats can be sneaky, but sometimes they wind up in some pretty unexpected places. Can your cat top these?

Rory McIlroy Drinks From The U.S. Open Trophy

Rory McIlroy, at 22 years of age, became the youngest golfer to win the U.S. Open since 1923. To mark the occasion, the young Irishman took to Twitter and posted a photo of himself drinking from the championship trophy. We don't know what exactly he's drinking, but he's in a bar. Probably not Fanta.

Netflix Envelope Art

Can’t stand the last movie you watched from Netflix? The next time you receive one of those red envelopes in the mail, add your own personal touch to it.

Jon Stewart On Fox News Sunday

Jon Stewart about as serious - and even angry - as you're ever going to see him, discussing media bias with Chris Wallace on Fox yesterday. This is the full unedited version.

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