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June 21, 2011

Kissing Mask

Artist Didier Faustino created this mask to work as "training wheels" for those who may need some help makin' out. Two people must wear it simultaneously in order for it to work, and four distinct curves on its sides ensure it stays in place, while a hole in the middle allows participants' lips to meet. ... Awkward.

Governor Rick Perry Wants You To Follow Him On Tweeter

Now here's a man who is ready to be our next President. I work on the Internet and I haven't even heard of the sweet, cutting-edge social networks Rick Perry is hanging out on. Don't forget to Tumble this blog entry to your FaceFeed, guys!

King Of Cosplay

Is this real life? Usually people cosplay humans, or creatures closely resembling human. Not Robert Rodgers. Why be Anakin when you can be Grievous?

Minecraft FPS

Aww, that creeper just wanted to hug you! With explosions!

Deer Rages Through Baptist Church

Watch confused men, women, and children flee as this deer tries to learn about the Lord's word at this North Carolinian church. Ultimately, though, he decides religion just isn't his thing.

'Countdown With Keith Olbermann' Returns

Keith Olbermann returned from televisual exile with the debut of his new show on Current TV. It's pretty much exactly the same as his defunct MSNBC show, but with an extra dollop of Michael Moore. Here's the intro, his mini-Special Comment and Worst Persons.

20 Snacks That Will Make You Miss The ‘90s

I don’t care what you say, kids these days just don’t have it as good in the snack department. Here are some ‘90s snack foods that will probably make you nostalgic for a cafeteria lunch.

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