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June 23, 2011

9 Historically Exquisite Artificial Limbs

Steampunk fans will be totally jealous of some of these. Long before titanium alloy and shock absorbing springs, medicine used gears and interlocking parts to give back independence to victims of amputation.

Flesh-Eating Cocaine

An outbreak of flesh-eating disease in Los Angeles and New York has been linked to cocaine that's been cut with levamisole, a veterinary medicine used to deworm livestock. Levamisole is known to rot off human skin, especially--as these photos illustrate--around the ears and nose. The Russians don't get to have all the flesh-eating narcotics fun. More at ABC News. WARNING: Gross.

The Most British Headline Ever

"Punters in the pub opposite find it highly amusing watching the greedy blighter make off with my crisps. So I took them off the bottom two shelves which I thought would fox him." I love all of this.

First Stills From The Hobbit

Back to the Shire! Can we all just agree to make "Ian McKellen Is Wonderful" after this one? It can just be three hours of listening to him talk.

The Flip Flask

Tired of the wine rack and the beer belly? Meet the flip flask! An even classier way to sneak alcohol into all of those forbidden zones. It's also preferable if you enjoy your drinks with a side of sand.

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