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June 22, 2011

Covet-able Clothes From Alexander McQueen 2012

Excuse me dresses? What are you doing on that model? You don't even go there. Get in my closet! Sarah Burton has really outdone herself. These clothes are eccentric and yet still look wearable.

CoCo's New Song "Shoe Freak"

Ice-T's wife and internet superstar, CoCo, is apparently trying to become a popstar. Here's a preview of her new song called "Shoe Freak." It sounds LEGENDARY. Kim Zolciak who?

Making A 3D Print Of Your Head

MakerBot Industries, with their handy-dandy Thing-O-Matic, allows you to easily scan and print 3D models of whatsoever your heart desires. Including my bulbous melon. I visited MakerBot founder Bre Pettis at the Botcave in Brooklyn for a heads-on demonstration. They had lasers and corn starch and beer. Pretty cool. Find out more about this brave new world of asexual reproduction at MakerBot!

Doctor Who Kid

A kindergartner gives the Pandorica monologue from last season's Doctor Who finale as an entry in his school's talent show. This kid's going to go far. And by "go far," I mean "grow up to be a really huge nerd."

Haters Gonna Hate (This Owl)

Here's one owl that's certainly not giving a fuck. He's from Lancashire, England, and he spends most of his time perched atop a barn and scouting for insects and worms for his young. Problem?

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