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June 17, 2011

Hipster Party, 1905

They were into anachronistic facial hair before it was anachronistic. This is a photograph of the Fort Riley Eighth Calvary Unit as they enjoy some blue ribbon beer and a roasted pig, taken near Junction City, Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) in 1905 by J.J. Pennel.

Bald Lady Gaga Sings "Hair"

This is (surprisingly) the first time she's gone bald. I've also included a performance she did of the same song in French. It's actually really nice.


Ever wanted to be mere feet away from a rapidly descending Boeing 747? Then St. Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean is definitely the place for you! Planespotters--which is apparently a thing--go there to swim and windsurf, taking advantage of the huge waves that the aircraft create as they near the runway.

20 Lady Gaga Fans Who Are Really Pissed About Her New Music Video

So, here's the deal: A bunch of Gaga fans are upset about her new music video not being good. Some of them have placed the blame on her lead choreographer/creative director, Laurieann Gibson (@BoombKack). Last night, Laurieann called one of them ignorant, and then a bunch of them went BALLISTIC. Here are 20 of their crazier reactions. Little monsters ain't got nothing on Beliebers.

Brawl Outside Of Casey Anthony Trial

A fight erupts among people waiting in line for tickets to get into the Casey Anthony trial. No cutsies! Jesus. Is this a murder trial or the Gathering of the Juggalos?

World's Largest Pig-In-A-Blanket?

At two feet long, this giant Hungarian sausage is wrapped in bacon, covered in cheddar cheese, and blanketed with crescent rolls. If that's not enough for you, it came along with a "side" of macaroni and cheese as well. I don't have to tell anyone to commence penis jokes; I know it's going to happen.

Meet Lucas Ayala, Pokemon Master

He's the very best, like no-one ever was. When Queens, NY third-grader Lucas Ayala was informed that his school was banning Pokémon cards, he penned a convincing letter. Now, the school's lifting the ban and may incorporate Pokémon cards into its math classes. He should totally be in the Elite Four.

Building The World's Tallest Sand Castle

And then Godzilla came up and kicked it over. Standing 37' 10" Ed Jarrett used 2,500 man hours and 1.6 million pounds of sand to create this ode to childhood with the help of 1,500 volunteers.

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