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June 13, 2011

American Man Admits That Lesbian Blogger In Syria Was A Hoax

Amina Arraf, proprietor of the blog "A Gay Girl In Damascus," is a 25-year-old activist whose heartbreaking tales of oppression at the hands of the Syrian government made her an international symbol of human rights. Amina Araf, as was revealed over the weekend, is also a figment of the overheated imagination of a 40-year-old American by the name of Tom MacMaster. MacMaster, a grad student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, honed his creative fiction on dating websites. His stunt has triggered outrage from authentic activists the world over who say he jeopardized the lives of gay people within Syria.

Prince Philip's Top 10 Gaffes

10 June was the Duke of Edinburgh's ninetieth birthday, and Asylum took the time to prepare a list of his top ten verbal gaffes. This is one of the more uncomfortable lists I've made.

This Is Not Okay, Cupid

Hey, you can't get herpes from reading things on the Internet, right? This brave woman has set up a Tumblr to share all her horrible OkCupid messages. I need a shower

Canada Is Making Dinosaurs From Chicken Embryos

This is definitely a case where the chicken didn't come first. Hans Larsson, a research chair at McGill University, believes that, by flipping certain genetic "switches," he can create a new breed of animals that hypothetically resemble dinosaurs. Unfortunately, he also believes that a "dinosaur hatchery" is "too large an enterprise" to be financeable. Is this because of the whole velociraptors-had-feathers thing?

Joke About Indian With One Testicle From Sarah Palin's E-mail Dump

To be absolutely clear, she had nothing to do with this. It was forwarded to her, and she wisely appears to have let it die in her inbox. Unfortunately for political reporters, this awful (AWFUL) joke was the most interesting thing to come out of the e-mail dump from Alaska.

Clarence Clemons Has Died

UPDATE: Clarence Clemons has died, succumbing to complications from his stroke. He was 69-years-old. Rock legend Clarence Clemons, best known for his work as the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, suffered a stroke tonight. He is said to be in serious condition. Clemons most recently played sax on Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

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