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July 27, 2010

Star Trek By '70s Kids

Awesome '70s nerds made this Star Trek tribute (or "Star Wars tribute," as Amanda calls it) on a Super 8 back in the day, then redubbed it and uploaded it to YouTube last year. The special effects are pretty incredible. (Vulture, via Amanda.)

Cat Hates Rick Astley

Someone rigged this cat's alarm clock to rickroll him first thing in the morning. Why does this cat have an alarm clock? (Via.)

How New Yorkers Can Spot a Tourist

So it's your first trip to the Big Apple, but you're a little antsy because of the reputation Gothamites have for being, well, unforgiving, and would like to learn how to blend in. Have no fear. Peruse these, some of the most common mistakes tourists...

'Jersey Shore' Cast Sick of the Situation

Enough with the abs? We thought it was odd when we read an interview with Snooki the other week and The Situation wasn't on her list of closest Jersey Shore friends. But now we're learning that everyone on the cast is pretty fed up with The Sitch. Wh...

Finger Painting For Pros

Finally, a good reason to play with your food. This is hands down the coolest thing you could ever do with BBQ ribs, besides eat them of course. (Via)

Barbie-In-A-Blender Day

In honor of Barbie-In-A-Blender day, I have searched through hundreds of videos on YouTube to present you with the best of Barbie destruction. A little background: National Barbie in a Blender day originated after Utah artist, Tom Forsythe, was sued by the Mattel Corporation who found his photo of a Barbie in a blender less-than-amusing.

People Covered In Bees

To bee or not to bee? People like to cover themselves in a lot of things, so why not bees? They’re bright, productive and in case it rains you’ll always have a yellow jacket.

The Longest Tongue in America

20-Year-Old aspiring actor Nick Afanasiev from San Diego, California has earned the title of longest tongue in the United States. And if acting doesn't work out for Nick, he can always join a KISS tribute band.

College Students Create Motorized Couch, Invention Banned Instantly

Still, despite the silliness of it all, 24-year-old Homer can kind of see where officials are coming from. Take, for example, the first day he and his friends toured campus in their invention. Everyone was just kinda going nuts, Homer tells Asylum.

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