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July 9, 2010

New Trend: Staticky Beards

A trend that spawned from Patrick Mohr's show at Berlin Fashion Week: bald head, wispy whiskers. Mugatu couldn't have even dreamed this up. Click through to see more pics (NSFW).

The Awesome 80s Firefly Intro

The folks at io9 decided that Firefly's failure was due to its lack-luster intro sequence, and took it upon themselves to add some wanging electric guitars.


This is the perfect solution to carrying my cat everywhere with me. Although, I think this might make me crazy cat lady and box lady all in one.

The Worst Fast Food Commercials

Some fast-food ad campaigns work because they're funny, some work because they're creepy as hell, and others simply don't work at all. These would be from that third category. You can see the rest of the list over at Heavy.

Disney Recycled

Looks like the cartoonists over at Disney could use a little more imagination. Go figure.

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