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July 26, 2010

Doodle Blast

Draw lines to send the balls into the container. Not only is Doodle Blast the most fun you can legally have on a Monday afternoon, it will also increase your productivity at work!*

N.J. Governor Calls 'Jersey Shore' Negative for the State

Most of the cast is from New York. Snooki, The Situation and JWOWW may get countless viewers when their show Jersey Shore airs on MTV, but that doesn't mean everyone's a fan. New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie, for example, really dislikes it. He r...

Sad Keanu Papercraft

Now Sad Keanu can adorn even the happiest computer monitors. A somber papercraft reminder of the futility of life (and sandwiches).

Bingo for Poltical Junkies and Religious Fanatics!

In 1942, a ban was placed on all bingo games held within the Archdiocese of New York. Bingo was denounced as “not in keeping with the Christian doctrine and life,” but now, sixty-eight years later it seems there is a bingo game for everyone, regardless of religious or political preference.

Pimp My Kettle

Because pimpin wheelchairs was so last week. This week we bring you the best of Tea Kettle pimpin. With the success of the show “Pimp My Ride,” MTV Australia decided to try something a little different by letting users submit pictures of their custom tea kettles. Here are some of those deemed ‘off the boil.’

Cat Gives Birth To A Puppy

Catdog! A woman in Georgia is claiming that after two days of intense labor, her cat has given birth to a puppy. Either science has taken a miraculous step forward or someone screwed up and this was meant to be the lead story on The Onion News Network.

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