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July 23, 2010

The Cow Wash

The only proper way to wash a cow. The swinging cow brush is a self-grooming device that keeps cows happier, healthier and more productive. So will it be brush or no-brush? I guess we'll need a side by side comparison to see if brushed cows give better milk than their counterparts that go unbrushed!

Galaxy Jumper [Game Battle]

There is literally nothing on the Internet today. The Internet is a wasteland where hapless buzzminers like myself go to starve and eventually die.

TV Dinner Cupcakes

It's like a hungry-man dinner, but healthier! These clever cupcake creations are designed by Karen Tack and are featured in her cookbook, Hello, Cupcake!

Winter Bells [Game Battle]

Happy Friday! The goal of this game is to try to keep the rabbit up in the air by jumping from bell to bell, the birds give you double points and the bells get smaller as you climb to the top.

Tongue Texting

The new hands-free way to text, stay safe on the road and build up your tongue muscles all at the same time.

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