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July 7, 2010

The Masked Baby

A Chinese baby was born with a never-before-seen facial cleft that makes him look like he's wearing a mask.

Crazy Choreographed Wedding Dance

Nick and Rina have certainly set the bar high as far as first wedding dances go. These two have some pretty killer moves and aren't afraid to go a little "crazy".

Headline Of The Year

After attempting to think of titles that would have made this headline less sexual, I have come up empty handed. It was unavoidable.

Knitting For Psychos

Patricia Waller is an artist with an interesting sense of humor. Here are some of her brilliantly bizarre crocheted works of plush toys knitted into cruel death scenes . Perhaps these dolls are the perfect gift for your next baby shower.

Jesus in Portuguese Playboy [NSFW]

Playboy incorporated a flawed and human Jesus to commemorate Portuguese Nobel literature laureate José Saramago. This particular Jesus probably is in your ceiling, watching you masturbate.

Talk Sex With Sue (NSFW)

Throughout history sex has become somewhat of a Taboo topic, something not to be discussed at the dinner table. Do you remember the first time you had the "sex talk" with mom and dad? awkward, right? So, in the past when you couldn't approach the parentals with a sexual question, why not call into 80 year old self-proclaimed sexpert Sue Johanson? It's just like calling grandma!

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