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July 22, 2010

Critters In Motion posted these amazing photos of animals and insects captured with high-speed photography. The photos were taken using a device known as a Phototrap, which allows photos to be taken at speeds faster than normal human reaction time.

Zombie Dating

Don’t you just hate it when your corpse lover has a widower?

Vampire Weekend's New Album Cover

Last week, it was announced that former fashion model Ann Kirsten Kennis was suing the band Vampire Weekend for a cool $2 million, claiming a 1983 photo of her was used in their Contra album cover art without her consent. Since then, they have had to switch the cover to an image with a more affordable price tag.

Moonboy's Shuffle

Moonboy may very well be the Michael Jackson of shuffling. He takes this normally basic dance to a whole other level. (Via)

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