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July 14, 2010

Arjen Robben Is A Ball

Exploiting sports injuries for internet humor is fun! I did this position in pilates last week and no one cared, sadly. Here are some of the more clever Photoshopped pics of the Dutch winger for the Netherlands team.

iPad Finger Painting

From the "Making Things Unnecessarily Difficult For Yourself" files, two nifty little pieces of iPad artwork done with a finger and the iPad Brushes App by digital artist Kyle Lambert. Thanks for the tip, Kyle!

Coolest Painted Video Game Consoles

Millions of people play video games everyday but these unique individuals take the "art" of gaming to a whole other level. Here's what your favorite consoles look like with a fresh coat of paint and a creative eye.

20 Weird and Goofy Facebomb Photoshops

Take a picture of a group of your friends in which one person is making a goofy face. Zoom in on them, then back out. Everyones making the goofy face! Then post it to your favorite message board to delight those who can appreciate yo...

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