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July 2, 2010

Rolling Stone's Review of "Streets Of Gold" by 3OH!3

Rolling Stone reviewed the twosome white-boy rap/rock duo 3OH!3's new album entitled "Streets Of Gold," and they certainly hit the nail on the head. This music is just about as good as listening to frat boys sing about getting wasted and groping girls...oh, wait.

Google: How Does It Work?

Google may be the undisputed king of the search engines but many still wonder how it works behind the scenes. This neat infographic shows in gory detail the search process, from indexing right on through to search result ranking & delivery.

Super Fast Cat

This is one of those cats where you draw your hand back and it takes you another few seconds to realize that you don't even have a hand anymore. They should totally weaponize this cat. (Via.)

Patriotic Pets

In honor of the 4th of July, here are some pets who aren't ashamed to show everyone just how much they love America. Too bad they can't pledge allegiance to different owners.

Ninja Cat

Wow, I hope this cat is de-clawed. Who in their right mind would fuck with a ninja cat yielding razor-sharp weapons ?

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