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July 31, 2010

Tea Party Comix

Anyone else feel like the Tea Party is getting a little racist? These "Tea Party Comix" have been circulating for a couple of days now - no one's taken responsibility, and some Tea Party hotshots have disavowed them as a plant. According to comic book nerds, they're pretty good parodies of some famous comic book covers, which is probably beside the point.

Swedish Police Officer Gets Funky in the Street

As a member of the police force, youve gotta have sharp instincts. You have to know when to when to call for backup, when to ask questions and when to shimmy out of the squad car to unleash the funk. This Swedish cop has the sort of...

Convention Panels : The Venture Bros. Comic-Con Panel '10

Patrick Warburton and James Urbaniak join creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the second half of season 4, the new Venture Bros. toys, Patrick's car, James' voice, Doc's hair and Jackson's nipples.

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