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April 26, 2014

Selena Gomez’s Parents: Rehab & Staying Away From Justin Bieber Are Needed

@Justin: if you love selena set her free let her move on like u let caitlin move on. Don’t keep coming back and begging selena for forgiveness because every time you do she gives in and therefore she gets to change HATE to break it to you but all… Which is good because at least selena is listening to whoever is giving her this advise because she needs it. Selena needs someone in her own circle that she can trust as of right now she has a lot of trust issuses and is going through a really hard time. Right now she has no one to turn to. Selena didn’t deserve what u did to her and u were wrong you also were wrong because of the way you had your bad boy behavior going and I don’t like that either I didn’t even like your attitude when you had the deposition last month in front of lawyers that was smart to do! Even though I am mad at you this morning for what u did to Selena and how bad you hurt me last year to the point where I wanted to leave the fan base I want to tell you that the only way to make things better right now you might think that the solution is selena but, it’s not the solution is God. Turn to God like pattie did he knows what’s best for you to do and to trust yourself. Don’t push anyone who is trying to help you away. Talk with your family and friends around you or someone you can trust. Justin, you can’t always depend on selena to fix or change you. You have to make that decision for yourself. I love you justin.

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