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April 20, 2014

This Man Has One Of The Best Instagram Accounts You'll Ever See

German art director Robert Jahns shares these stunning edited images with his 360,000 followers. He's selling a book through his website, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

This Is Apparently A List Of 50 British Things We Want To Do Before We Die

Ask Jeeves surveyed 1,000 Brits to find out what was on their bucket list. The results were sometimes great and occasionally underwhelming.

5 Stocks Under $10 Ready To Explode

One low-priced stock that recently made a huge run after I featured it was technology solutions player Rambus (RMBS), which I highlighted in Feb. 20's 5 Stocks Under $10 Ready to Explode at $1.27 per share. I mentioned in that piece that shares of… Guess what happened? Shares of RMBS didnt wait long to trigger that breakout, since the stock busted out above those levels a few weeks later. This stock has gone on to make an incredible move higher even during the recent market decline, with shares of RMBS tagging an intraday high today of $12.50 a share. That represents a massive gain of well over 30% from the time I featured this stock. The best part about this move is the clean uptrend you'll see on the chart for RMBS as the stock marched higher over the last few months. Low-priced stocks are something that I tweet about on a regular basis. I frequently flag high-probability setups, breakout candidates and low-priced stocks that are acting technically bullish. I like to hunt for low-priced stocks that are showing bullish price and volume trends, since that increases the probability of those stocks heading higher. These setups often produce monster moves higher in very short time frames. >>5 Stocks Set to Soar on Bullish Earnings When I trade under-$10 names, I do it almost entirely based off of the charts and technical analysis. I also like to find under-$10 names with a catalyst, but that's secondary to the chart and volume patterns. With that in mind, here's a look at several under-$10 stocks that look poised to potentially trade higher from current levels.

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