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April 9, 2014

Deja lo que estás haciendo y mira a estos metaleros con sus gatos

La fotógrafa Alexandra Crockett ha tomado estas fotos para un nuevo libro. Aunque las bandas como Phobia y Napalm Death hacen música aterradora, no significa que sus miembros no tengan un lado más tierno...

Long Exposure Photography By Darren Moore

Darren Moore is a talented self taught photographer currently based in Surrey. Primarily working in Black & White Darren specialize in a technique called 'Daytime Long Exposure' using Neutral Density (ND) filters attached to the lens.

The 24 Craziest Pizzas In The Whole World

The Pizzaria Bate Papo in Guarujá, Brazil, goes above and beyond to keep its customers happy.

As 24 pizzas mais loucas da face da Terra

A Pizzaria Bate Papo, que fica no Guarujá (SP), não mede esforços para agradar aos seus clientes.

23 Reasons To Watch "The Perfect Score" If You Haven't Already

Released a decade before Captain America was thawed out, the film follows an assortment of high school seniors who assemble with a common goal in mind: steal the answers to the SAT exam to get, you guessed it, The Perfect Score.

Apple's iPhone 6 Will Demolish Android

That's what Apple did to the artist formerly known as RIM. We don't stop and think about this enough. People were so addicted to their BlackBerries we called them CrackBerries. No, not crack babies, CrackBerries. And then Apple came along and just… So, while Apple's never been a marketshare story, it's about to become one without even trying. If Apple wanted to actively pursue Android-like marketshare it would and easily could have done it a long time ago. Apple could have built 6,000 different types of phones like Samsung and other Google (GOOG) hardware partners. It could taken the extreme step of opening iOS up to any and all. Such desperate measures would have given Apple 80% marketshare or something close to it in everything. But, of course, Apple's not desperate so it doesn't thoughtlessly play the lame marketshare game. Quite a few cats misinterpreted the 2010 emails and documents going around that purport "concern" by Steve Jobs with respect to competition from Google and Microsoft (MSFT). There's a difference between concern and panic. Sort of like a great hockey team trailing 4-1 in the 3rd period. I harken back to last season's NHL playoffs when my Toronto Maple Leafs held that lead over the Boston Bruins. If the Leafs won they would have advanced to the second round of the postseason. But the Bruins, while concerned, did not panic. They kept their heads down and, even as the texts poured in congratulating me on the anticipated Leafs win, I knew the game wasn't over. Boston tied and promptly won the game in overtime, leaving Toronto stunned. Apple is akin to the Bruins -- a team chock full of seasoned veterans. If those emails expressed a more panic-like concern, Apple would have moved prematurely (with irrational haste) in the name of doing nothing other than snagging marketshare. But it didn't. It has proceeded with cautious concern, not panic. So when Apple introduces iPhone 6 -- with one or more larger screen size options -- it will be ready for primetime. It will not be a Surface tablet which failed miserably to build on the greatness Apple's iPad laid before it. Whether we're talking 4.7 inches, 5.7 inches, both or something all together different, it will be the real deal that everybody wants. Apple will have become cool again. And, just like BlackBerry in 2007, Android phones will not stand a chance. Of course, Wall Street will promptly jump back on the bandwagon making AAPL stock price predictions of $800 and even $1,000 not seem so crazy after all. As I've been saying, it's not a delay between products that concerns me at Apple. Consistent with the Apple way under Steve Jobs, Tim Cook will disrupt and destroy when he's ready. And not a moment too soon. In fact, a gap between major Apple innovations should actually foster more bullishness than it has. Rash decisions should worry investors and Apple fans; not a company with the luxury of calling its own shots on its own relatively comfortable timeline. As an aside, here are a few nicely-done (and wholly speculative) renderings, via iTechNow, of what a slimmer, larger screen Apple iPhone 6 could look like ... not too shabby. Follow @rocco_thestreet --Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.

23 imagens impressionantes da ocupação do Complexo da Maré

As Forças Armadas ocuparam o complexo de favelas da zona norte da cidade do Rio de Janeiro no dia 30 de março, um domingo, em apenas 15 minutos.

These Synthetic Sex Dolls Are The Strangest Thing You'll See Today

U.S. company Synthetics makes "the most beautiful and the highest quality silicone manikins in the world." Totally NSFW because doll nudity can be incredibly realistic.

11 fotografías clásicas entre bastidores de la "Edad de Oro del porno"

La fotógrafa Barbara Nitke documentó la industria porno estadounidense entre 1982 y 1991, y una exposición de su trabajo hizo su debut en el Reino Unido en Brighton. No apto para verlo en el trabajo.

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