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April 3, 2014

No, Bison Are Not Fleeing Yellowstone Because Of An Impending "Supervolcano Eruption"

A video uploaded to YouTube recently showing a herd of bison running at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has sparked rumors the animals were fleeing a major earthquake or supervolcano eruption.

X-LEGO: The "X-Men" Movie You Really Want

X-Men: Days of Future Past isn't even in theaters yet — in fact there are just a couple really awesome trailers to appease the public at the moment — but that hasn't stopped a super-talented fan from showing the world what the movie could be if only they had cast LEGO instead of those pesky humans.

London Smog: Then And Now

Smog-like conditions in London and across the UK are being caused by a mixture of local and continental pollution, as well as dust from the Sahara.

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