14 Delicious And Charming Reasons To Throw A Kentucky Derby Party

Although, frankly, bourbon is reason enough.

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4. Roses

Since 1905, roses have been the official flower of the Kentucky Derby, and the event was dubbed the "Run For The Roses" by sports columnist (and later Churchill Downs president) Bill Corum. Whether or not you're fête-ing Derby Day, a bouquet may be in order.

7. Benedictine Spread

This cucumber and tabasco-flavored cream cheese dip sometimes contains a few drops of green food coloring. If that seems unnecessary and messy to you, just skip it. Recipe here.

10. (Unofficial) Derby Pie

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The original "Derby Pie" recipe is top-secret and fastidiously trademarked, but this recipe is a pretty close approximation of the real-deal, with lots of chocolate and bourbon, and walnuts instead of the traditional pecans. Recipe here.

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It's also cool to opt for these mini chocolate pecan cakes with bourbon smash ice cream. All the essentials deconstructed, then put back together in cute, single serve mason jars. Recipe here.

Or, go for something classic, à la Alton Brown, food-nerd extraordinaire.

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Alton's own line of bow ties is no longer available, but hook+ALBERT, the company that sold it, still has some other great ones for sale.

Also, feel free to take things a step further and just put bow ties everywhere.|1398273544951&tid=hellosociety_1150_type246_HardPin_Pinterest_24-81025-9038686&source=Pinterest&medium=HardPin&u=type246&m

These bow tie chalk stickers on mason jars are so twee I almost can't look at them. But, these are things I am willing to overlook in the name of the perfect theme party. Available here.