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April 22, 2014

Finally Belly Buttons Get The Recognition They Deserve

Musical comedy duo Rhett & Link show us how to save the environment with our belly buttons. Naturally.

Meet The Artist Who Turned Homophobic Tweets Sent To Tom Daley Into An Inspirational Picture

Conor Collins turned pure hate into an incredible image. His explanation of why he did it is pretty awesome.

An Ode To Coffeeshop Cats

Much like their pub and bookstore brethren, these café cats deserve your attention.

"Giant Vs Horde" Is The Next Level Of Video Gaming

Check out this nifty Kickstarter where one player in a motion-capture suit and using Oculus Rift VR goggles plays the "Giant" vs hundreds of player-controlled "Horde" ships. With the advancements of Oculus Rift and the Facebook buy-out for 2 billion dollars, it looks like VR gaming is once again the future.

These Kids With Beards Are Adorably Creepy

This Tumblr will make you both cringe and awww at the same time.

30 People Doing Earth Day Better Than You!

Have you taken a #NatureSelfie? No? Then, you're already behind. These people are doing Earth Day like champs with their Nature Selfies. There's still time to get in on the fun. 1. Get outside, 2. Take a #NatureSelfie 3. Share it with Nature_org on WeChat Why? Because The Nature Conservancy will get $5 (at no cost to you) for each new user who follows Nature_org on Wechat. #NatureSelfie and money to protect the environment? #Winning

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