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July 7, 2009

Baffling Safe Sex Poster

Here's a safe sex warning ad in Taiwan.

Monkey's Revenge

Seriously, what is that guy doing to that poor monkey?

Anthony Kim Hits a Guy in the Butt

The young talented golfer accidentally pegged a guy in the ass last weekend at the AT&T National.

Perverted Justice

I just discovered this site that lists internet predators, along with their AIM names. It's fun to scroll through the photos.

The End of Man-Bangs

Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and Jared Leto are styling their hair differently, signaling an end to man bangs.

Massive Blow Jobs

When a small town like Belmullet loses one job, it's a pretty big deal. But 82 jobs? That's a massive blow job.

Personal Ad in Graph Form

Someone posted a personal ad to Craigslist in the form of an approval matrix.

At the Cosplay

I don't understand what's happening in this picture, but I'm mesmerized.

He Man Sings 4 Non Blondes

The Prince of Eternia and the Queens of overly earnest mid-90s pop music are united at last.

Palin Skewered on Fox

Whoa. Watch Fox News contributor Liz Trotta totally say some things about Sarah Palin that Fox News Live's Eric Shawn was not expecting. (Via.)

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