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July 8, 2009

Aloof Cat Owners

Make your cat want you more by ignoring it and treating it the way it normally treats you.

16 Embarassing Marriage Proposals

Here are 16 videos of really unfortunate marriage proposals. It's probably not a good idea to propose while being arrested.

Radiator Kitten!

Warm enough for you there, kitty?

Shoulder Riding Fetish

This guy has a bunch of videos of him riding on other guy's shoulders. He's 45 and loves to "sit and ride on shoulders and carry girls and guys on shoulders."

Strongest Vagina in Action

See the world's strongest vagina, belonging to Tatiana Kozhevnikov, lift 31 lb glass balls.

Giant Breast Sculpture

Chinese artist creates a sculpture of a tiny woman with seriously humongous breasts.

YouTube Obituaries

There's a YouTube user that posts short little videos of people who have died.


A new genre of music characterized by the guitar player's "crabwalk," an extremely low stance, wherein both feet are set apart from one another as far as possible in a very deep squat.

Military Ranks of the British Invasion

If the first British invasion were a literal invasion, what would all the bands' ranks be?

Gay Carrington

Watch strangely creepy videos from a transgendered doll vlogger.

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