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July 10, 2009

Dancing Squid-Head Girl

Well, this is adorable. I mean evil.

Please Submit Your Feedback

That's what you get for having a feedback form, Marshall Amplifiers.

Inventor of Urethral Condom Seeks Soulmate

The inventor of the urethral condom is seeking a lady partner on Craigslist LA.

Videogame Message Board Reaction Chart

A PSWii60 probably would actually lead to world peace.

How Pork Rinds Are Made

Behind the scenes at a pork rind factory.

Batman and Superman Take On the NYPD

Two superheroes were entertaining tourists in Times Square this morning when they were approached by police asking for their licenses. Needless to say, the police messed with the wrong superheroes and the whole thing ended in a street brawl. (thanks john)

Home Movie Reconstructions

Someone took their home movies from 1974 and juxtaposes them with re-filmed versions 30 years later with the same people doing the same things in the same locations.

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