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July 15, 2009

Jealous Lovers

I think this might have been taken while the hamsters were reenacting their favorite scene from a John Hughes movie.

Sandra Lee Induced Seizure

She is SUCH a tease.

Girls and Corpses

This magazine dedicated to hot girls posing with fleshless corpses has got some amazing articles like "Clown Porn...Again" and "Corpse Pilates." Here are some of my favorite photos! Yum!

Career Path Flowchart

Forget guidance counselors! Here's a handy fun flowchart for figuring out what you should do with your life.

The 10 Best Fictional Burger Joints From The 90's

Here are 10 "burger joints" from 90's TV shows that I wish really existed. What I'd give to try a Krusty burger and hang out at the Max.

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Game Review

Poor guy on the Walmart website is upset that he got the game instead of the movie.

Dogs on Steroids

Some horrible person on a bodybuilder forum gives their dog steroids and uploaded a photo.

Extreme Cat Hoarding

This is what happens when your cat obsession gets a little out of control.


Pubic wigs once used by prostitutes to mask genital sores and warts are now being incorporated into mainstream intimate wear.

Celebrating WWII and Korean War Aircraft Nose Art

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