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July 6, 2009

Cat Chilling on the Bed

Here's a cat who's just kinda chilling on the bed. No big deal. (Via.)


Kill some dudes.

Dry Humping at a Music Festival

A couple gets caught dry humping at a music festival while Blur is playing.

Twitter in Your WoW

You know how it's hard to keep up on your twitter account because you have to switch out of World of Warcraft to see it? And how it's super hard to talk to girls?

Erotic Gummy Art

If you slip a Haribo Twin Cherries over your index finger it totally looks like a donger.

Megan Fox's Horror Movie: 'Jennifer's Body'

Megan Fox plays a monster that eats people's faces in her new movie, a campy horror extravaganza called 'Jennifer's Body.' Oh yeah, she also seems to take her clothes off a lot. Seriously, see for yourself.

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