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July 29, 2009

How to Get Toned Arms

Not by lifting weights, duh!

The Eleven Best Hipster Bathroom Graffiti Moments

My fave is the one about the window seat.

Duck Tales, the CyberFurry Parody

A live-action version of Duck Tales involving MySpace, cyberstalking, and all the sick perverted things one might want to do to a duck.

Too Tired To Go To Space

Space Cat spent months training for this day, but now he's too sleepy to go to space.

This Is What an Adult Kiss Is Like?

A bizarre clip from an anime series called Kemonozume shows you what goes on inside of your mouth during an "adult kiss."

Man Arrested For Having Sex With A Horse... Again

Barbara Kenley tells the local news about a man she caught having sex with her horse "Sugar."

Five-Year-Old Plays Johnny Cash

Five-year-old Wesley killed a man in Reno just to watch him die. So look out.

Arm Wrestling Arm Snap

Guy snaps his arm in half while competing in the Battle of the Biceps Arm Wrestling competition.

Musk Wink Rub

I spotted this mystery spa treatment on my way into the BuzzFeed office this morning. Anybody know what it means? Do I want one? If I get one, can I tell my wife about it?

Saved By The Bell Cast Finally Reunited

I know BuzzFeed has been on Saved By The Bell overload lately, but this is just too exciting not to post. Here they are REUNITED on the cover of People Magazine.

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