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July 23, 2009

The Badger Whisperer

Gareth Morgan is known as "The Badgerman" in his hometown in Wales. He has spent the last five years gaining the confidence of a group of badgers that live in the countryside near his house, so that he can pal around with them and, like, just hang out and do badger stuff. Badgers are normally super skittish and secretive, but this crew will eat out of his hand and even let him treat them when they have minor wounds or scratches.

Teaching a Baby Wolf How to Howl

Cute video of Wolfman Shaun Ellis teaching a young wolf pup to howl.

Kermit Goatse

Miss Piggy and Janice are probably two-girls-one-cupping it in the other room.

Unexpected Wedding Entrance

You know how when you go to a wedding, they play Here Comes The Bride, and then there comes the bride?

Cheap Condoms

Amazon is so thoughtful.

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