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July 9, 2009

Draw Things From Captcha

Let's make Captcha more meaningful! Use the Captcha form below the image to find a pair of words that work together. Then use your favorite photo editor (Microsoft Paint, PhotoShop, whatever) to illustrate them any way you see fit.

BSoD Gunshow

Hey ladies, did someone say they wanted to see a gunshow? BAM!

Fun with Mosaics

Stock images website features a seemingly never-ending mosaic - just keep zooming in.

Football Vs. Handegg

One reddit user illustrates the misleading nomenclature behind American football.

Weiner Falls

This is so totally the best parody of Dawson's Creek ever.

Swedish Armed Forces Personality Test

Find out if you have what it takes to join the Swedish army with this interactive test.

The Hip Hop Guide to Neurobiology

The Glut-Tang Clan has made a video called "Synaptic Cleft" which tells you all about neuroscience via rap.

Asian Baby vs Garfield

Which is bigger? More importantly, which is CUTER?


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