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July 3, 2009

Stop-Motion Donkey Kong

... And it was made entirely out of post-it notes, so it's got pretty much all the trappings of one of those videos that one watches.

"The Hangover" Window Decal

With remarkable speed, a VW Beetle owner has commemorated Zack Galfianakis's "wolfpack" speech from The Hangover with a large window-decal. This is class, right here.

Kate Moss Doing Her Michael Jackson Dance

This is vintage Kate Moss footage (from 2000) and it's kind of boring but she is kind of my idol and she looks really cute in it, especially with that crotch grab at the end.

Coffee Penis

This is just like that Coffee Smile that was going around a while back. Except, like, just juvenile and gross and stupid, instead of uplifting. Happy Holiday!

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