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July 20, 2009

9 Popular Cover Songs You've Probably Never Heard Of

All of these songs have these 4 things in common: 1. The original song was a big hit in the US. 2. They were covered by other singers/bands. 3. You probably haven't heard the covers because they weren't released state-side. And 4. They were really big hits in the countries where they were released. Check them out. Take That's "How Deep is Your Love" is especially interesting.

Learning to Howl

Time to teach a baby wolf how to howl, you guys!

Crush the Castle

Kill those snobs right up in their castle. This is totally addictive.

Lindsay Lohan Playing Lindsay Lohan in 'Labor Pains'

So did everyone watch Lindsay Lohan's made for TV movie Labor Pains last night?!? It was like watching Lindsay play herself.

Five-Legged Puppy

A woman paid $4000 for a puppy that she couldn't bear to see being sold to a show that features deformed animals.

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