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July 16, 2009

Red Bull Ingredients

Part of a promotional campaign for Red Bull, this package contains all 17 of the natural ingredients in Red Bull. Pretty classy move from the world's most insufferably low-brow drink.

Paperclips Respond to Electromagnetism on a Train

Watch the paperclips move to the electromagnetic fields on a Japanese train as it accelerates and decelerates.

Goat Surfs on Sheep

A Nigerian Dwarf kid goat surfs on the back of a sheep as a lamb and a fake owl stand by watching.

Stupidest Table Manners And How To Resist Them

It's time to fight back: Table "manners" are really just eating rules enforced by those in power. Here's how to beat them at their own game.

Twitter Can Kill You

Band members have an argument about why starting a band twitter will inevitably lead to band breakup, and eventually band death.

Glenn Beck Totally Loses It

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck has a meltdown and screams at one of his callers over a healthcare argument.

Obama's Mom Jeans

Obama's frumpy mom jeans are now officially a national news story.

Squirrel Webcam

Watch the unadultered lives of wild squirrels hanging out a squirrel diner.

The Wonderful World of Big Science

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