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July 1, 2009

The Top 10 Michael Jackson Acapellas

These are really cool. They're acapella versions of Michael Jackson's songs. It's like listening to MJ in a totally new way. My personal favorite is definitely "I'll Be There." His older stuff sounds amazing.

Hulk Hogan in MS Paint

A music video for a Hulk Hogan ballad constructed entirely out of MS Paint.

Bleeding Billboard

This is video of a billboard in New Zealand that bleeds when it rains.

Cat Madness

This is too much, cats. Too much. I have dutifully watched your videos since you first took over the Internet, but this crosses the line.

Celine Dion: The Most Amazing Canadian That Has Ever Lived

Earlier today Amanda posted her list of favorite Canadians. Well, there's only one Canadian for me and that Canadian is the CELINE DION. To prove my point I made this video with 10 reasons why Celine is simply the best. It's modeled after this classic video.


Two aliens try to take over the same planet. A nifty little animation by Ben Harper and Sean Mullen. Who will win?!

11 Videos Of Irresponsible Fireworks Use

It's that time of the year, when people drive up to Canada to buy illegal fireworks, and then set them off in inadvisable and irresponsible ways.

First Person Shooter Disorder

Life can be rough when you live every day like it's a video game.

I Want to Read This Book

See how many grammatical errors you can spot.

How to Raise a Dragon

One of those projects that straddles the boundary between art and game, How to Raise a Dragon is the latest charming offering from Gregory Weir.

Vegan Foods that Look Like Poop

Here's a list of ten vegan foods that could probably pass for poop.

Sea Pig

This sea creature is like a cross between a pig and a slug.

Britney Spears' Horse Fetish?

So Britney's new music video for "Radar" leaked last night and... I like it (surprised?). There's no dancing and it's kinda slow for an uptempo song, but it's something different. Speaking of something different, I have to talk about the sexy horse shots. The video takes place at a polo match so the horses make sense, but it gets really weird because there's a bunch of sensual close-ups on them. Here's a gif of one such example. The horse is shaking its "money makers" while being sprayed with "water." Watch the music video and see the gif in here. Thoughts?

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