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July 2, 2009

Nickelback Hit With Rocks

This is pretty old, but I love the fact that if you Google Nickelback Rocks! this is what you come up with.

De-Classified: The People of Craigslist

Photographer Mark Andrew had the idea of contacting the people behind Craigslist classified ads and documenting them in their home surroundings.

WoW Freakout Remix

Let the remixes begin! Somebody re-edited that World of Warcraft freakout guy with the Kirby music from Super Smash Bros.

Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show

A really weird religious cable access show hosted by a black puppet.

Sludge Worms

The mystery sewer creature has been identified!

Hitler Finds Out Michael Jackson Has Died

This clip was taken from the Hitler biopic Downfall.

Frog Cat

I know. I've been overdoing it with the cats a bit lately. I have a problem, and I realize that now.

Freakout Kid Has Yet Another Freakout

Freakout kid freaks out when his parents get him a truck for his birthday.

Best Ad Placement Ever

The building on the left is Shanghai's Haitong Securities building which is famous for its cool, trippy wave design.

Dog Watching YouTube Video

Dog gets confused watching his friend, The Cat, on the internet, and has to go make sure that The Cat still exists IRL.

Summer in Wildwood, NJ

Clips of interviews from the documentary Wildwood, NJ. It's chock full of truisms about life and love.

Looking for a Trainmate on Craigslist

Do you like toy trains, non-gay touching, and imitation crab meat?

Children's Choir Tribute To Lily Allen

This is the most beautiful song about Chinese food ever.

Irish Breakfast

This is actually a really good way to get your B vitamins.

Chickens of Fire

Some inspirational, slo-mo chicken action to get you going this morning.

The LARP Rap

A rap about live-action role-playing games by the folks that brought you one of my favorites of all time, the Cookie Monster rap.

Attempting Circumcision with Nail Clippers

Thankfully, there are no photos that go with this news story.

Cat on Question Time

A woman in Cornwall discovered that her cat was missing when her friend saw it wander through the set on a BBC political show.

Battleship Drinking Game

An attractive design for a more alcoholic take on a classic game.

Guy Dances to Wii Channel Music

A profoundly unlikely choice of music for a dance piece, but this guy totally makes it work.

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