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July 28, 2009

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Typography nerds and lovers of interspecies friends can come together in appreciation of this video.

Amanda Bonnen: Twitter Lawsuit

This lawsuit is so amazingly frivolous that it almost makes the whole Twitter thing interesting again - I kind of hope this starts a trend. Amanda Bonnen (who up until she canceled her Twitter account had 20 followers) is reportedly being sued by Horizon Realty for "maliciously and wrongfully" publishing a tweet that may have damaged the company's reputation. Check out the offending tweet.

Obama Is a Racist

According to Glenn Beck.

I Love You Beth Cooper's 'Viral Disaster'

This is a painfully obvious attempt at a viral video from the marketing team for teen movie I Love You Beth Cooper. As Gawker points out, it's really bad, and it's worse when you realize that the girl was paid $1,800 to do this, that it was shot by Fox, that the boy in question isn't her boyfriend and doesn't even like her that much, and that the video has been a total flop on YouTube.

17 More Controversial Teenage TV Situations

17 more clips about Internet predators, people with disabilities, and kids with eating disorders. Enjoy.

How To Draw Your Name On Jeopardy

And be a dick at the same time.

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