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24 Surprisingly Divisive Pooping Habits

A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals that the sit vs. stand to wipe debate is tearing this nation apart.

Katie Notopoulos • 4 years ago

Toilet Dude: Men's Bathroom Full Shoot

Never knew there was a subculture for this kind of thing.

todd v2.0 • 9 years ago

Your Tour Of The Dog Toilet

It's your house. You can decorate it however you want!. Mind you... BuzzFeed has the same right to comment on your tastes!

Andrew G. • 9 years ago

Toilet Training The Feline

In this homemade instructional video from 1992, a cat owner named Jill takes us through the long and overly complicated steps of toilet training a kitty. She also dabbles in poetry.

foundfootagefest • 9 years ago

Office Paper to Toilet Paper

Oriental Co., Ltd. is pitching a "revolutionary" recycling machine called White Goat, which turns shredded office paper into toilet paper.

CineGrappler • 9 years ago

The Smallest Toilet In The World

Possibly the most claustrophobic restroom on the planet, in a Japanese pub. You could get stuck just walking down the hallway.

Mathieu S. • 9 years ago

The Great Toilet Technology Wars

Toilets that analyze your poop? Toilets that can flush a cellphone? No matter what, check out the second video!

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

The Eleven Best Hipster Bathroom Graffiti Moments

My fave is the one about the window seat.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

Bathroom Tips For Women

We got a lot of negative comments on our bathroom tips for men. Then someone sent us this.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

Bathroom Tips For Men

A handy clip-n-post guide to the proper use and care of a lady's bathroom, for the clueless man (men?) in your life.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

How Nice Is Your Office Bathroom?

Submit a picture, and let's compare and contrast! Here's mine. It's fine - a little cramped sometimes, but it feels safe and reassuring, and it almost always has toilet paper. I spend at least 3 hours a day in here. It's like a home away from home.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

Best Toilet Paper Replacements

It happens. The next time that you're stuck on the toilet without your trusty TP, consider this flushable list. Disclaimer: none of the paper products listed herewith are recommended as a first choice for your wiping needs. Use only in emergency, and with plunger handy.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

What Kind of Bathroom Guest Are You? (Quiz)

How does your bathroom etiquette stack up? Are you a Dirty Dumper or what? You need to find out, and quick -- this quiz will help you self-diagnose.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

Guess The Toilet

This is a roundup of toilets from across the globe (thankfully, these are mostly nice, not awful and scary). Can you guess where they're from?

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

The World's Greatest Bathrooms

For every 5,000 Port-A-Potties, there is one really awesome, tricked-out bathroom waiting to provide relief to the masses. That ratio may not be exact. These bathrooms are worth your time, however.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago

The World's Worst Toilets

Take an enlightening tour around some of the absolute worst bathrooms in the world. Then take a moment to tell your indoor, porcelain, snake-free facility that you love it.

Toilet Talk • 10 years ago