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Best of the Internet

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Jean Yoon as Mrs. Yong-mi Kim holds leftover containers and gasps in "Kim's Convenience"

People Are Sharing Horror Stories Of Houseguests Who Overstayed Their Welcome, And It's Absolutely Wild

"We had a talk about house rules, including that we don't allow meat in the house, as we're vegetarians. We even told her that we would buy the food while she was with us since we were restricting what she could bring into the house. She agreed. Three weeks later, we found a plastic bag filled with leaking packages of raw meat shoved in the back of our fridge."

two interviewers in office space captioned "“'The strongest stay at our company'= very high turnover, so they sugar coat it with different labels in hopes of finding more suckers to work for them"

37 Red Flags To Look For In Job Interviews

"A lot of restaurants through the years' 'Can you start tonight?' means they are super under staffed. One time he asked if I can start now. Like, 'Interview's over; hop on the line.'"

"People are a lot more concerned with my safety as a woman" over laverne cox and hunter schafer

Trans People On Reddit Are Sharing Their Biggest "Culture Shocks" After Transitioning, And It's An Enlightening Read

"The very first time I went out in public dressed femininely after I came out, I had two other women say nice things about my outfit. I was stunned. In all the previous 30+ years of dressing like a man, I can't think of a single time a man complimented me on my clothes."