14 Straight-Up Depressing Photos That Prove Consumption Culture Is Ruining Our Society

    For only $2,450 you can buy some dirty, destroyed jeans!

    We live in a society that constantly urges us to buy new things, and frankly, it sucks. Doing this is not only expensive, but it's terrible for the environment. Here are 14 horrifying examples of how consumerism is affecting our lives from r/Anticonsumption:

    1. This $1,825 Gucci skirt that can't be washed or dry cleaned:

    Care label with washing instructions in multiple languages on fabric, next to a close-up of the fabric's texture

    2. These wasteful shoe slips for people who feel "too awkward" to tell their guests to take their shoes off:

    Person using a shoe cover dispenser, implying a solution for guests not removing shoes at home

    3. This view that's completely disrupted by a Burger King sign:

    Tall sign with Burger King logo against a landscape with trees and a hill

    4. These $2,450 dirty, destroyed jeans:

    Pair of distressed Balenciaga baggy jeans with rips displayed for sale online, priced at $2,450, indicating high-end fashion

    5. And this $400 robotic grill brush for anyone who can't tolerate taking 10 minutes to clean their grill:

    Red robotic vacuum cleaner navigating a metal grill surface

    6. This gun ammo vending machine (horrifying):

    Kiosk announcing American Rounds, instructions to tap, choose, verify ID, and purchase on screen; QR code on top right

    7. This $32 avocado keychain:

    Plush keychain of a green avocado with a price tag displayed, relevant in spending habits content

    8. This extensive packaging for a singular pen:

    Hand holding a pen with eco-friendly packaging emphasizing sustainable products

    9. These three nonsense excuses (shared by a former car salesman) that people use to buy a new car:

    A list of excuses of why people want to buy a new car

    10. This $199 solar eclipse pendant that's already outdated:

    Advertisement for a Limited Edition Eclipse Pendant priced at $199 from Hoppe Jewelers

    11. Same with this NYC earthquake memoriam shirt:

    Gray T-shirt with text "I SURVIVED THE NYC EARTHQUAKE" and graphic of city skyline and seismic waves, dated April 1st

    12. This enormous cemetery of used clothing in Chile:

    A vast landfill overflowing with discarded clothing, illustrating textile waste issues

    13. This excessive amount of packaging for a few cables:

    Several opened shipping packages and electronic items like cables, adapters, and connectors on a desk

    14. And finally, this packaging over fruit that already has NATURAL protection:

    Netted bag of cantaloupes on a market display