14 Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Honest "Rate My Professor" Reviews

    "I would give her my kidney."

    I don't know about you, but I used to utilize Rate My Professor whenever I was planning my next semester in school. The site is kind of like Yelp, but instead of businesses, students leave reviews for former professors and their classes.

    Basically, if you want to know whether a professor guaranteed you an easy A or the worst course experience of your life, Rate My Professor is the go-to tool. 

    Woman seated at a desk with posters and a "#TeachersSeries" hashtag on the wall

    And if you thought students held back? You'd be sorely mistaken. Oftentimes, warnings (and praise) were brutally honest. Here are 14 of the most unhinged reviews I've seen:

    1. This teacher with a questionable backstory:

    Summary of text content: Book review with ratings for humor and difficulty, includes jokes about sensitive topics and mention of a past incident in South Africa

    2. This teacher who sounds like he's got quite the personality:

    Summary of course review: 'CHM110' rated high in quality but criticized for instructor's intimidating demeanor despite helpfulness

    3. This teacher who has a group of "super hot" assistants that make learning more fun:

    Review card rating a chemistry textbook on quality and difficulty, with a comment suggesting the material is understandable with study and TA interaction

    4. This teacher whose class had to turn to Zoom for an unexpected reason:

    review says the professor got shot by his ex husband so class had to be done by zoom and they would take the class again if it's in person again

    5. This is another student who corroborated the above:

    his hot ex-husband shot him during midterms

    6. This teacher who just needs a good inhaler:

    when he coughed i thought he might die so that was quite frightening

    7. This teacher who was born in the wrong era:

    in the days of iron men and wooden ships, he would have been a good professor, but in today's day of fruits and nuts he doesn't help out all

    8. This teacher who has students pledging their lives for them:

    I don’t put a lot of stock in Rate My Professor but this one made me laugh out loud 🤣 pic.twitter.com/8WVTiSjSoY

    — Madeline Craig (@madcraig) January 10, 2024
    Twitter: @madcraig
    Comment reads 'I would give her my kidney.'

    9. This teacher who sounds like my worst nightmare:

    this class gave me more trauma than my abusive ex-girlfried. I've never had a professor gaslight and guilt trip me more

    10. This teacher who is taking their job wayyyy to seriously:

    academic victim is an understatement, i was academically jumped and assaulted, thrown to the ground and left to rot, don't take this class

    11. This teacher who is "messed up" – to put it lightly:

    messed up professor teaching a messed up course

    12. This teacher who can't release control:

    he is frankly an insecure control freak that doesn't allow you to do anything besides his way

    13. This teacher who I certainly hope doesn't teach Driver's Ed:

    ii never wore my seatbelt while driving to school because i wanted to die before making it to his class

    14. And finally, to end on a light note, this teacher who slays:

    just checked my rate my professor for the first time in years and I guess I can retire now pic.twitter.com/vb1ac9ysQz

    — Nathan Kalman-Lamb (@nkalamb) February 9, 2024
    Twitter: @nkalamb