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BuzzFeed 401O(K)

tom judging a girl with a burberry bag on succession captioned "She'd bring in multiple designer bags per week and told me her monthly shoe budget was the same as my salary"

39 Horribly Out-Of-Touch Comments From Rich Bosses, Clients, And Colleagues That Will Prove Rich People Are Living On Another Planet

"At an old job, I had a breakdown because I had not been paid in six weeks. I literally was unable to eat and was walking to work because I could not afford gas. My boss found me crying and told me I was being 'petty' for wanting my money and asked me 'why don’t you just live off of your savings?.' I was a 21-year-old recent college grad who wasn’t getting my paychecks — what savings???"

People Are Opening Up About Their Experiences With Eldercare In The US, And It's Not At All What I Expected

"My grandparents had around $500,000, but my grandma is now down to about $160,000 and will essentially be out of money in just over a year. I've had so many mental breakdowns about it. I'm glad my grandma has money to cover her care, but it just isn't enough. It is bleak. This is scary and overwhelming at best."

People Who Became Wealthy Later In Life Are Revealing How They're Treated Differently Now, And I'm Appalled At Some Of These

"A couple of years ago, I came into a large amount of money ($10M+) somewhat unexpectedly... My biggest mistake was simply telling the people in my life about it. People don't want to spend their own money — they want to spend YOURS because it isn't real to them. So, when you say no, obviously the only reason is that you're rich, greedy, and don't care about anyone but yourself."

Jack Harlow having security guards carry him across the horse track so he doesn't get his shoes dirty

13 Times Celebs Acted Reallllly Privileged, Spoiled, Or Demanding

In 2013, Lady Gaga was sued by her former friend-turned-assistant, who alleged that, while on tour, she wasn't allowed to have her own hotel room and often had to share a bed with the singer in case she needed something in the night. She also testified that, if Lady Gaga grew tired of the movie she was watching in the middle of the night, she'd wake her up to change the DVD.