People Are Shocked By Caitlin Clark's $76,535 Starting WNBA Salary And Other Reactions To Last Night's 2024 Draft

    Caitlin Clark, Cameron Brink, and Kamilla Cardoso were the overall first three WNBA draft picks.

    On Monday night, the WNBA held its annual draft, this year at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn. It was a highly anticipated event, just weeks after the NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship. According to Nielsen ratings, the championship game was the most-viewed women's college basketball game ever and the most-viewed basketball game since 2019.

    Female basketball player #10 leaps for a layup during a game, surrounded by opponents

    The Iowa Hawkeyes, led by guard Caitlin Clark, took on the South Carolina Gamecocks, featuring star center Kamilla Cardoso.

    The championship game followed several notable matches in this year's tournament, including Iowa vs. Louisiana State University and their powerhouse forward Angel Reese in the Elite Eight.

    Two basketball players in action during a game, one from Iowa wearing #22 and the other from LSU wearing #10

    Caitlin, Kamilla, Angel, and several other high-profile athletes were all in attendance and drafted Monday night, making for a lively ceremony.

    LSU women's basketball player in action, dribbling the ball on the court during a game

    The Indiana Fever selected Caitlin as the overall first draft pick.

    Closeup of Caitlin Clark on the court

    The internet had so many enthusiastic and supportive reactions to the drafted athletes:


    Paige Bueckers looking like one of those proud parents seeing their child get drafted

    — Oh No He Didn't (@ohnohedidnt24) April 16, 2024
    @ohnohedidnt24/Twitter/ESPN / Via Twitter: @ohnohedidnt24


    Tweet expressing excitement about two players being drafted into the WNBA, with congratulations and well-wishes


    It’s super emotional to see these WNBA draftees no longer have to wear business casual clothing at the draft🥹

    — Sydney Colson (@SydJColson) April 16, 2024
    @SydJColson/Twitter / Via Twitter: @SydJColson


    Welcome to Chicago @Kamillascsilva !!!

    I’m so excited to get after it this season. Bring the red bundles and wings & I got the rest! 😂🫶🏽🔥

    — Isabelle Harrison (@OMG_itsizzyb) April 16, 2024
    @OMG_itsizzyb/Twitter/Chicago Sky / Via Twitter: @OMG_itsizzyb


    Welcome! 🤍

    — Michaela Onyenwere (@monyenwere_) April 16, 2024
    @monyenwere_/Twitter/Chicago Sky / Via Twitter: @monyenwere_


    Welcome @Reese10Angel
    Free 🌭s on the house as long as you’re on the @chicagosky

    — The Wieners Circle (@TheWienerCircle) April 16, 2024
    @TheWienerCircle/Twitter/Chicago Sky / Via Twitter: @TheWienerCircle


    Erica Wheeler, Maya Caldwell and Lexie Hull react to Caitlin Clark being selected No. 1 overall at our WNBA Draft Party 🥳

    they had those @CaitlinClark22 jerseys ready 😂

    — Indiana Fever (@IndianaFever) April 16, 2024
    Indiana Fever/Twitter / Via Twitter: @IndianaFever


    Iowa guard Kate Martin said she came to the WNBA draft to support Caitlin Clark but was hoping to get her name called.

    She ended up getting drafted by the Aces 😱

    What a moment ❤️

    (via @AliyahFun)

    — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 16, 2024
    Bleacher Report/@AliyahFun/Twitter / Via Twitter: @BleacherReport


    How quickly the WNBA draftees have to transition from the NCAA tournament to WNBA training camp

    — Bri Lewerke (@brilewerke) April 15, 2024
    @brilewerke/Twitter / Via Twitter: @brilewerke

    A bunch of celebs even voiced their support:


    Wendell Pierce tweet congratulating Angel Reese on joining the WNBA and reflecting on his own journey


    The foundation is set. Welcome Kamilla Cardoso x Angel Reese @chicagosky @WNBA

    — DWade (@DwyaneWade) April 16, 2024
    @DwyaneWade/Twitter / Via Twitter: @DwyaneWade


    T Spoon + Kamilla Cardoso … this is such a great pick for Chicago. Tremendous fit.

    — Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) April 16, 2024
    @jemelehill/Twitter / Via Twitter: @jemelehill


    Tweet by Billie Jean King congratulating Caitlin Clark and others selected to play basketball in the upcoming WNBA season. #WNBADraft


    The fact that the #WNBADraft is trending right now!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    — kerry washington (@kerrywashington) April 15, 2024
    @kerrywashington/Twitter/ESPN / Via Twitter: @kerrywashington

    However, the draft also sparked a discussion about WNBA salaries for the top draftees. According to the WNBA's collective bargaining agreement, the first four draft picks will receive a $338,056 four-year contract, broken down to $76,535 in 2024, $78,066 in 2025, $85,873 in 2026, and an optional base of $97,582 in 2027.

    It's important to note that WNBA athletes can make money in endorsement deals. In fact, Caitlin has already partnered with brands like Nike, State Farm, and Gatorade. Similarly, Angel has worked with brands like ReebokGoldman Sachs, Coach, and Amazon. Some WNBA athletes also play abroad in the off-season where they receive additional compensation.

    Here's what several people, including NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, had to say about WNBA salaries:


    These ladies deserve so much more…
    Praying for the day 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 l

    — Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) April 16, 2024
    @DangeRussWilson/Twitter/Barstool Sports / Via Twitter: @DangeRussWilson


    I’m already annoyed by this conversation because for years, WNBA players have fought for more money. And when they were outspoken, so many of y’all told them to shut up or reminded them how they had no value The NBA has had 50+ years of investment, media coverage, etc. After 27…

    — Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) April 16, 2024
    @jemelehill/Twitter/@TheDunkCentral/Spotrac / Via Twitter: @jemelehill


    On this salary Caitlin Clark would qualify for low income housing in San Francisco

    — Liam Dillon (@dillonliam) April 16, 2024
    @dillonliam/Twitter/Spotrac / Via Twitter: @dillonliam


    "These women have been underpaid now, for several decades. ... for a generation, people have ignored the WNBA."@cbrennansports says the "nation is going to wake up" as WNBA draft top-pick Caitlin Clark's salary sparks a national conversation.

    — ABC News Live (@ABCNewsLive) April 16, 2024
    ABC News Live/Twitter / Via Twitter: @ABCNewsLive


    University of Iowa star Caitlin Clark set to make $338,000 on a four-year rookie WNBA deal, compared to $55 million for the No. 1 pick in last year's NBA Draft.

    — TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@HodaAndJenna) April 16, 2024
    NBC Universal / Via Twitter: @HodaAndJenna

    20. Finally, Joe Biden shared his thoughts about pay for women athletes in a tweet on Tuesday:

    Women in sports continue to push new boundaries and inspire us all.

    But right now we're seeing that even if you're the best, women are not paid their fair share.

    It’s time that we give our daughters the same opportunities as our sons and ensure women are paid what they deserve.

    — President Biden (@POTUS) April 16, 2024
    POTUS/Twitter / Via Twitter: @POTUS