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People Are Sharing The Things They Don't Buy Anymore Because They Have Gotten Too Expensive, And There Were A Few Items On This List I Didn't Realize Had Gone Up In Price

Whether it's your grocery store bill or the price of a cup of cold brew, you probably have noticed that everything is more expensive than it was a year or two ago. But for some people the increased prices have made some things not worth the price.

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"Their Way Of Life Is No Longer Available": People In Their 20s And 30s Are Sharing The Realities They Wish Their Parents Understood

"I wish they understood how the definition of 'success' has changed. My folks lived on one teacher's salary, bought a home and cars, raised three children, had no student loan debt, and retired at 65. That way of life is no longer available to future generations."

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20 Common (But Avoidable) Home-Buying Mistakes That Experienced Homeowners Will Never, Ever Make Again

"Never, ever become friends with the sellers. We made the mistake of feeling empathy for the couple selling their home because the husband had serious health issues. They moved out of state before closing. The wife told us where a key was hidden and gave us permission to start work on little things before we closed, like cleaning and removing furniture they left behind. We visited two days before closing to get to work, thinking we would stay overnight. No way."

People Are Revealing How Money Caused Shocking Drama In Their Family, And I'm Actually Speechless

"My sister is notorious for doing outlandish things. My dad started an LLC that was supposed to be for all of his children in the future (there are four of us). Since all of our names were on it, my sister realized she had drawing power and emptied the account. She took $7,100, and it was gone within about a month."